"Op de Meterik"

Welcome to the luxurious Group Accommodation "Op de Meterik"

Are you looking cosy group accommodation for a maximum of 20 people? Are you also looking for a location where you can enjoy hiking, cycling, touring and just relaxing? Then you've got the right spot!
The accommodation is the beautiful refurbished barn part of our longhouse farm. Everything is brand-new, stylishly decorated and provided with all modern conveniences. It's located near the small village Meterik (North Limburg), among farms in an agricultural and horticultural area. It is a beautiful area with a lot of recreational possibilities. We are centrally located between National Parks "De Peel", a heathland where formerly peat was cut,and "De Maasduinen", a sand dune landscape formed by the last ice-age along the river Maas. . The woodlands "De Schadijkse bossen", alternating between woodland, heath land and sandy hillocks, and managed by the Dutch Forestry Commission [Staatsbosbeheer], is a short walt away and on the other side of the village is our Village Mill "Eendracht Maakt Macht" (Unity Provides Strength). For those interested; there are two village pubs, opposite the church, and these are both within easy walking distance along a lit cycle path and pavement. Or, you may just like to amble around the corner, stand by the bridge over the brook and watch the ducks.

During the Floriade, the World Horticultural Expo we offer several midweek arrangements. You can stay at our accommodation, in a rural setting, a short distance of the Floriade.
Furthermore, we’ve arranged for you to enjoy a discount for several activities at “het Meerdal” a nearby Center Parcs Holiday park.


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